Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Baby Booties

Hello Kitty Booties


 4 sizes (Baby or Toddler)


These HELLO KITTY booties is a favorite for newborns to adults! What little girl wouldn't love wearing these sweet booties?
Perfect for everyday wear and as a gift. Who can resist such a cute kitty booties?



Baby sizes 

Toddler sizes

0-3 months - Shoe size 1  
3-6 months - Shoe size 2  
6-9 months - Shoe size 3 
9-12 months - Shoe size 4
12-18 months: Shoe size 5 
18-24 months: Shoe size 6 
2-2,5 years: Shoe size 7 
2,5-3 years: Shoe size 8

Crochet Pattern is in a written form and includes lots of pictures for every stage to make it easy for even beginners.
Skill Level - Beginner - you need to understand only the basic crochet stitches and pattern instructions, and it works up really quick.
I work mostly with worsted weight yarn as it gives you an overwhelming choice of colors and is easy on your hands, eyes and time.

Materials needed:
1. Any worsted weight yarn
2. Crochet hook 3,5mm (E)
3. Pattern instructions

It works up really quick and is suited for all levels of expertise.
My Patterns includes
-written instructions
- many pictures
-abbreviation keys
-stitch counts
-description of the special stitches

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