Basic stitches

Basic stitches in Crochet

Are you new to the wonderful world of crocheting? Or, are you just looking for patterns for crochet that can be finished quickly? Well you've come to the right place! Beginners and advanced crocheters alike will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the simple crochet patterns in my collection

Chain Stitch - ch - the chain stitch is the most basic of all crochet stitches. Chain stitches are used to begin crochet projects and between rows of crochet stitches.
Make loop in thread, insert hook in 1oop, and draw main length of thread through. Continue to draw thread through each new loop formed until length desired.

Slip Stitch - sl st - In general, slip stitches are useful for join to form a ring and joining one crocheted element to another.
Insert hook under 2 loops of st, draw thread through st (2 loops on hook), thread over hook, draw through the 2 loops
Single Crochet Stitch - sc - Insert hook through st, catch thread, and, with one motion, draw through both the st and the 1 loop on hook. The sl st is used for joining, or when an invisible st is required.

Half double crochet stitch - hdc - Half double crochet stitch is taller than the single crochet, and shorter than the double crochet.
Make like d c until there are 3 loops on hook; then thread over and draw through all 3 loops.

Double crochet - dc - is another basic crochet stitch you'll need to know.
Thread over hook, insert hook in st, and draw thread through (3 loops on hook), thread over hook, draw through 2 loops, thread over, and draw through the 2 remaining loops.
Double Crochet 2 together - dc2tog - Working 2 double crochet stitches together
1. Insert the hook into next stitch (or as required), wrap the yarn round the hook, and draw a loop through
2. Repeat this step into the next stitch, (3 loops on hook

Front Post Double Crochet - fp dc - Yarn over and then insert hook from front to back and to front again around the vertical post of next st, yarn over and draw yarn through, yarn over and complete dc.

Magic Circle from Crochet Me
1. Leaving a 6" (15 cm) tail, make a ring by placing the tail end of yarn behind the working yarn.

2. Insert your hook from front to back through the center of the ring, yo with the working yarn, and pull up a lp. Ch 1 (this assumes you'll be making sc sts. Ch the appropriate number if you'll be making hdc, dc, etc.).

3. Continuing to hold the ring closed with your nondominant hand, work several sc sts into the ring, covering the tail.

4. Pull the yarn tail to tighten the ring. Presto! No hole in the center of your work. Continue to work in the round as usual.

The magic ring is a great way to create perfect and easy circles

Puff Stitch - puff st - (YO, insert hook in st or space as indicated by pattern, YO and pull up a loop even with hook) 3 or 4 times as indicated by pattern, YO and draw through all 7 or 9 loops on hook, 1 ch to close

Chain picot - Picots are a number of chains secured by a slip stitch or double crochet to form a small ring – most often used in edging but can be used in conjunction with other stitches & especially useful in crochet lace work
The number of chain can vary according to the pattern instructions
3 chain Picot: make 3 ch, ss into 3rd ch from hook

Shells & Fans - Shell & fans are groups of complete stitches that are worked in a stitch or space as indicted by the pattern & can be made using htr, tr, dtr & other high posted stitches